Gamer V

Handheld gaming system with Data East games

Gamer V

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Portable gaming system featuring Data East classics

My Arcade® has teamed up with legendary game developer, Data East, for a new line of portable handhelds. We are proud to present such classic titles as BurgerTime, Karate Champ, Bad Dudes and more.

• Over 220 retro games built-in including 8 Data East classic games.

• 8-bit game system.
• Take your games anywhere.
• Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).

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Gamer V and user guide

User guide

Declaration of Conformity

Data East, © G-MODE Corporation. Licensed by Marvelous USA, Inc.


Q: What type of batteries should I use?
A: We recommend fresh, brand name alkaline batteries for best results and longest play time. Standard heavy duty batteries (non-alkaline), typically labeled “Heavy Duty,” “General Use,” “Zinc Chloride,” or “Zinc Carbon” produce low output power for devices like TV remotes and don’t last very long. 

Q: Why am I only getting an hour of playtime, even with fresh batteries?  
A: This could be due to using an inexpensive battery type. We generally don’t recommend using battery’s labeled “Heavy Duty,” "General Use,” "Zinc Chloride,” or “Zinc Carbon," as these batteries are mainly used for low-drain devices like a T.V remote. We recommend fresh, brand name alkaline batteries for best results and longest play time. 

Q: Why wont the unit power on?
A: The device requires batteries to function - please remove the battery cover and place batteries in the correct orientation to power on the device.

Q: Why aren’t the images on the screen moving?
A: Each unit comes with a sticker protecting the screen. Please ensure this is removed prior to gameplay.

Q: Why does the display go dim?
A: This will happen when the batteries are running low. Make sure fresh batteries are being used.

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