My Arcade Multi-Cable

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My Arcade Multi-Cable - USB Splitter Cable for Micro Player Mini Arcade Cabinets - 1 USB A to 4 Micro USB - Connects up to 4 Micro Players


  • 5 foot long cable length
  • Perfect for displays with multiple Micro Player mini arcade cabinets
  • 1 USB A to 4 Micro USB
  • Wall power adapter not included



Do you own and display a collection of our Micro Player mini arcade cabinets? Instead of using 4 separate micro USB cables plugged into different wall adapters to power individual Micro Players, our Multi-Cable provides a single USB A cable that can plug into a wall adapter (not included) and splits into separate micro USB plugs to power up to 4 Micro Players simultaneously. This is perfect if you're looking to display your collection or want to build out a series of Micro Players without having to use up 4 power outlets. 




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